General Ventilation

 General Ventilation

Providing the best possible air quality

A correctly designed General Ventilation system will provide the best possible indoor air quality which can be a huge benefit to both employer and employee. General Ventilation systems are used primarily to control temperature and humidity however these systems are also often utilised to remove and dilute fume, dust and odours associated with industrial and manufacturing processes.

The Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations require building owners and managers to ensure that enclosed workplaces are adequately ventilated with fresh purified air.
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Improvements to your working environment

We have prepared and installed ventilation schemes ranging from passive to mechanical systems in many challenging market sectors over many years providing a significant improvement within the working environment. We have long understood the benefits of correctly designed and installed general ventilation schemes, which often result with energy savings, an improved carbon footprint, improved quality of health of employees and an increase in productivity from the workforce.

Specific solutions

We can offer a fully bespoke service to suit all your ventilation requirements. We offer an on-site survey, design service and installation facilities. All our products are carefully selected from an approved and long-established list of suppliers and manufacturers and are therefore made to the highest standards.