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Quality & Environmental Policy

Engineered Ventilation Solutions Ltd are nationwide specialists in system design, supply, installation, maintenance and COSHH testing of control ventilation systems for industrial, energy renewal, manufacturing and educational sectors.

Our ventilation systems are designed specifically for our clients’ requirements, and together with our approved suppliers we are able to deliver a bespoke ventilation solution for any dust, fume or chemical control requirement. We are fully committed to client satisfaction, offering our customers a tailored service using quality products and
first-class experienced employees and sub-contractors.

Our strategic goals are to:
• Respect our clients’ requirements, meet or exceed clients’ expectations and achieve total satisfaction through analysis and monitoring, anticipate future needs and continuously improve the efficiency of our quality management system
• Promote employee satisfaction, development and growth for all employees. Create a favourable climate within the company to promote quality and continuous improvement, the health and safety of our employees and reduce the environmental impact of our practises
• Inform all our employees of our quality and environmental policies and gain their commitment by raising awareness and training in procedures
• Ensure decisions and actions are taken to maintain our high standards of quality
• Promote resource and energy conservation and minimise releases to air, water and land of harmful substances, reduce pollution, emissions and waste
• Comply with the requirements of environmental legislation and approved codes of practise

Long term goals include:
• Long term growth and client loyalty
• Maintain our high standard of communication with clients before, during and after a contract
• Annual revision of quality and environmental policies, aims and objectives

The Management encourages all its employees and sub-contractors to achieve these objectives, relying on their support and involvement with both personal and communal commitment.
Senior Management will maintain the commitment and leadership quality system and take responsibility for the effectiveness by:
• Establishing a policy and objectives consistent with the strategic direction and context of the organisation
• Analysing risks and ensuring that the quality, environment and occupational health and safety policies are communicated, understood and applied
• Promoting knowledge of the process approach and continual improvement
• Ensuring that products and services offered to clients’ meet applicable legal and regulatory requirements
• Generating client satisfaction

This policy statement will be communicated upon request to all interested parties as required to ensure there is clarity and transparency with our business approach.

This Quality & Environmental Policy will be reviewed annually or whenever necessary should new legislation/guidance be introduced. Comments from employees and sub-contractors are encouraged. Similar arrangements are made for CoSHH and other statutory Risk Assessments.

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