Composting & Maturation

Odour generation is a common problem in every composting plant.  A decomposition process always generates odours; the challenge is how to handle the resulting emissions. Odours can be transported by wind or airflow over long distances and are an irritant to people. Odour will occur even in places nobody would anticipate during planning of the treatment facility.  Odours not only irritate people but can make them ill when constantly present over long periods of time.  A composting plant producing odours without adequate ventilation may have its operating license revoked, fined or both.

We provide ventilation systems for Composting Plants to ensure the containment and control of odourous air generated and released within the Reception, Maturation and Process Areas; this is achieved through negative pressure environments.  Contaminated air removed from the area is treated via either a Bio-Filter System or Chemical Scrubber or both dependent upon the odour to be controlled, to ensure clean air is dispersed to atmosphere.

Contaminated air within Composting Plants has a high Relative Humidity and a temperature rise of up to 40ºC above ambient during warm periods, and with the presence of ammonia the environment within the building is corrosive, requiring system components to be manufactured from UPVC or Polypropylene materials.

We can offer a full service package from initial design through to installation, commissioning and documentation, ensuring compliance of current UK Legislation.  For more information visit:

We are independent ventilation engineers and we have a wealth of experience within Composting Facilities.