Fume Cupboards and Laboratory Services

Engineered Ventilation Solutions Ltd are nationwide extraction system specialists.
We specify, install and certify fume cupboards which play an important role in the laboratory, protecting employees from harmful substances.

Our fume cupboards are designed to comply with current UK legislation and ensure energy efficiency.  With over 30 years of experience, we understand our valued clients’ requirements and are able to offer custom designs to fit any type of laboratory.

We have installed fume cupboards within many laboratories, including schools, universities and within the industrial market sector ensuring a safe working environment of employees, teachers and pupils.

Our laboratory services include design and installation of new laboratory equipment incorporating our clients’ unique equipment and apparatus; we also provide a comprehensive decommissioning and redesign service whereby we will remodel any existing laboratory to better suit the workplace needs.

Please contact us to discuss our full consultation and design service. Our professional installation team will provide you with the right solution for your requirements, both safe and efficient.

Contact us to discuss your requirements for fume cupboards and other laboratory equipment.